Britains first 3 parent baby arrives…


Date: May 14, 2023

01) LINK

“First British ‘3 parent baby’

Maternal spindle transfer repair is done before fertilisation

Pronuclear transfer, repair is done after fertilisation

Scientific and Ethical Issues in Mitochondrial Donation

Question 1.
Is this an ethical form of zygote generation?

Question 1.a.
Is current IVF ethical?

Question 2.
Should reproduction he medicalised?

Question 2.a.
Is reproduction a right or a privilege / gift?

Question 3.
Are you happy with germ line alterations?

Question 4.
Will this change spread through human populations?

Question 5.
Are there any unforeseen consequences in future generations?

Question 6.
Could this technology be abused in the future or in other places?”



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