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Twitter Support – The Next Step…


Date: May 20, 2023


We received your request to have your account reinstated.

Please respond to this email with the reason you believe your account suspension was in error and/or the reason you are requesting an appeal.

Once we receive your response, we will review and provide a follow up response with the outcome of our review. If this request is for an account reinstatement under our new criteria, please allow 3-5 days for us to review and respond. In some instances, it may take us longer to get back to you.




It is not my opinion that my account was suspended “in error”, but that my account was suspended in malicious retribution.

I am a Minor Attracted Person (MAP). MAPs have had a thriving, positive community on twitter in the past. We engaged in social discussions, spreading word on participation in MAP related research by established institutions and groups, and generally created an uplifting environment to support mental health and human rights. At one point a public petition was even signed by doctors and experts in the field, imploring twitter to leave us alone so long as we were abiding by the terms and rules of use.

One of our hashtags was #mappositivity . Nothing illegal or questionable was going on in this hashtag, except for a few instances, and even then it was reported and shut down by MAPs. It was understood that we could not have this type of thing going on in spaces we were associated with. That type of behavior was not representative of what the resident MAPs were doing, and always got posted by outsiders.

About three years ago, #mappositivity started having a problem with very aggressive and belligerent twitter users invading the hashtag, provoking and threatening MAPs to an extent that it flooded and overran the hashtag. Most of that behavior was in clear violation of twitters terms of service. These people would not leave. Some were constantly trying to pick fights. Their behavior was dehumanizing towards MAPs, and often of a terrorist nature.

I began fighting back by keeping track of the invaders in MAP hashtags, reporting many of them, and then posting screenshot of the reports when twitter actually suspended these accounts. This is what my personal #thepushbackreport hashtag was for. I got several hundred of these accounts suspended, and was hoping my push back report thread would act as a deterrent and get people to stop.

There were obvious signs of a rogue twitter admin trying to manipulate and inflame the situation, when they turned my private watch list of these people from private to public, and tried to spin it as though “I” was trying to do something to those people.

The MAP community endured roughly a year of relentless invasion, vitriol, threat and abuse from these waves of people, who wanted us thrown off the platform, not for our objective and obvious behavior on the platform, but because of an immutable, biological character trait we possess.

It was all a manufactured “twitter war” between “pedophiles and teens/parents”, staged by people with an agenda to get us thrown off the platform, for literally no valid reason. Their reason is that they are bigots, and they possess some sort of phobia of other human beings.

I repeatedly suggested to these sorts of people that the just leave us alone…block us even, if they felt they needed to. I displayed that we do fight back, and defend our online spaces.

Many of these bad faith actors were self identified teenagers, who claimed to be “scared” at our presence on the platform, yet they had no problem habitually approaching us on the platform, and repeatedly insulting, slurring, defaming and provoking us. Some of these individuals were among the people I reported and got suspended.

What they were losing their minds about, is that MAPs were using twitter in a completely legal and ethical manner [we were being “too human”, upstanding and respect worthy], and thus twitter had no objective justification to take any action against us.

After roughly a year of this constant assault, twitter at the time relented to these people, and created a nebulous expansion in its “child sexual abuse” policy page [that might not be the exact, correct name of the page], in which “social identities based on sexual orientation towards children and teens” was no longer permitted. An act which places self identifying as a MAP on par with posting child porn on twitter…which is a galling outrage.

Minor Attracted Person [MAP] is an established term, used in modern day research. It has been for over a decade. Twitter admin of the time decided they were going to start attacking science and research, with this move.

As an aside, that policy addition needs to be abolished if it has not already been. There is no valid reason for it to exist.

As there was literally nothing of note going on, on the day my account was suspended, there wasn’t even anyone attacking or threatening my [or my life], I am left with the impression that someone used this dubious policy against me, despite that repeated attempts to get answers saw them refusing to acknowledge any justification at all.

I spent over ten years in good standing on twitter. I was a pillar, looking out for people. Twitter thanked me many times over, for reporting people who were literally violating TOS.

I know what was common practice when people get suspended, as I saw enough of them return, complaining about being forced to delete a tweet, and getting a twelve hour suspension.

My very first and only alleged “violation” in over ten years, and 32 thousand plus tweets, and my account is aggressively locked down, as I am denied all opportunity to bring my account back into good standing, despite many repeated attempts over the last two plus years to get answers and some path to restoring my account.

Nothing about this situation is normal. It only makes sense, if we believe that a twitter admin member was friends with one or more of the invaders harassing and threatening MAPs on twitter.

It is my believe that this nameless, faceless, unaccountable twitter admin member, subjectively locked down my account, simply because they wanted to silence me and punish me for standing up against the onslaught of abuse from their friends.

If you look through my history on the platform, nothing is worthy of suspension, let alone suspension on my very first “violation” [is my decade long history in good standing worth nothing?]…And I contest that any factual or valid violation even occurred.

No violation has ever been clarified to me, at any point in time. It’s simply been asserted that I “violated” something, and my account was permanently suspended because of it.

Look…I know that being a MAP on a public platform like twitter can be complicate…But what happened to my account is a clear model, of the worst sorts of administrative abuses which Elon claimed he was taking over the platform to bring an end to.

Are you going to treat me like the platform member in good standing, that I have always been, or are you going to allow this injustice to continue?

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Steve Diamond



Who defines truth…


Date: May 20, 2023

01) LINK

MEPs, Dr. Robert Malone & Byram Bridle – press conference after the International Covid Summit III

“Four members of the European Parliament as well as prestigious doctors gave a short highlights summary in a press conference, on May 4, 2023, of the 3rd International Covid Summit which was held in the European Parliament the previous day.

00:00 – MEP Cristian Terhes
00:40 – Dr. Robert Malone
06:43 – MEP Christine Anderson
07:56 – MEP Ivan Sincic
08:56 – MEP Cristian Terhes
09:35 – MEP Mislav Kolakušić
11:04 – MEP Cristian Terhes
12:50 – Q&A
16:03 – MP George Simion (Romania)
17:00 – Q&A
18:19 – MEP Christine Anderson
20:00 – Dr. Byram Bridle”