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Germaine Greer’s Keynote Address on Rage…

Date: February 08, 2017

01) Germaine Greer’s Keynote Address on Rage. Melb Writers Festival

“In her opening night keynote address at the Melbourne Writers Festival, Professor Germaine Greer delivers a stirring speech on the topic of rage. With characteristic intellectual…”

Part 2:


Wonderful…Well worth the time to watch.

The Psychology of Morality…

Date: February 08, 2017

01) Moral Maze: The Psychology of Morality

02) Direct Download [MP3]

“Go on – admit it. You like to feel you’re above average. Don’t worry. We all like to feel we’re somehow special – that our gifts make us stand out from – and above – the crowd. Psychologists refer to this phenomenon as positive illusion. It’s the sort of self-deception that helps maintain our self-esteem; a white lie we tell ourselves. The classic example is driving: the majority of people regard themselves as more skilful and less risky than the average driver. But research just published shows that this characteristic isn’t confined to skills like driving. Experiments carried out by psychologists at London’s Royal Holloway University found most people strongly believe they are just, virtuous and moral and yet regard the average person as – well, how shall we put it politely? Let’s just say – distinctly less so. Virtually all the those taking part irrationally inflated their moral qualities. Worse, the positive illusion of moral superiority is much stronger and more prevalent than any other form of positive illusion. Now, as a programme that’s been testing our nation’s moral fibre for more than 25 years, we feel this is something we’re uniquely qualified to talk about. Well, we would wouldn’t we? So, if we can’t entirely rely on our own calibration to judge a person’s moral worth, how should we go about it? Is the answer better and clearer rules, a kind of updated list of commandments? There might need to be a lot more than ten though. Does legal always mean moral? In a world that is becoming increasingly fractious, being less morally judgmental sounds attractive, but if we accept that morality is merely a matter of cognitive bias, do we take the first step on the road to moral relativism? The Moral Maze – making moral judgements so you don’t have to. Witnesses are David Oderberg, Michael Frohlich, Anne Atkins and Julian Savulescu.”

X22 Report: The Economic Crisis Is Going To Be Alot Worse Than Originally Thought, Prepare Accordingly – Episode 1199…

Date: February 08, 2017

01) The Economic Crisis Is Going To Be Alot Worse Than Originally Thought, Prepare Accordingly – Episode 1199

02) Direct Download [MP3]

“Greece is testing the waters and is now planning to move back to its local currency. Australia debt has risen and it looks like it is time to panic. The central bankers are now preparing the narrative that the economy was fine until Trump came along. BCBG is now closing 120 stores. Corporate debt will be approaching 2 trillion. DOJ will be going after individuals in the mortgage back security scam. Larry Fink says the US has two major problems. Tulsi Gabbard wants to bring back Glass-Steagall. The economic crisis is alot worse than originally thought, prepare and get ready. Trump is fighting the Federal Judges on the temporary travel ban.Swedish cop tells it like it really is with regard to refugees and immigrants. Germany is proposing to fingerprint immigrants. China’s Foreign Minister tells the US to remember WWII, and how the US helped return the islands in the South China Sea back to China. Senators are creating a bill to block Trump on easing sanctions with Russia. Russia has snap drills with their S-500 missile system. US and NATO surrounds Iran and Russia with bases. The Elite are pushing the story about the secret hangings in Syria, they produce blurry satellite images and have no proof. This is another attempt to remove Assad.”

This Is Not A Drill! The Economic Crisis Will Start This Year & Last For 5 Years: Clif High



Date: February 08, 2017

01) Song to Say Goodbye – Placebo (High Quality)

This may seem like a totally inappropriate song, given it’s lyrics…But I feel like, given the complicated state of our relationship over the decades…this song and video embodies the experience…And I’ve been drawn too it, over and over, in the weeks after my father’s death.

For some reason…this song kept coming back to me, in the months leading up to his death, as well…

It’s hard to explain…I knew in my gut, that time was short…I could feel it…Maybe, it’s just an extra sense you have, when you’ve known someone all of your life.

I’ve recently had three dreams, in which he has made an appearance…They were all strange…

…But the one that’s meant the most, is the one where I was walking along…Where?…I have no idea…though I think it was dark…and something floats up behind me, and hugs me from my back…And for a second, I know it is him…and he says, “I love you”…and then is gone…

I don’t believe in these things as a literal thing…Sometimes, I wish I did…But, in times of stress and mourning, your mind can be especially active in dreams…and focused on whatever is happening.

It would be nice to think, I’ve had a literal contact with dad.

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