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Why Child Pornography Concealment is Immoral…


Date: February 18, 2017

It’s all a grotesque sham, where they remove everything from public view, and thus remove it from public scrutiny [which is critical to any functional civilization]…put in place life destroying consequences, for those who investigate for themselves…and dictate down from on high, how everybody else is to behave…

…”Only they, can tell us all how to think and behave.”…”Only they can define, and talk about with authority, what the issue and content in question is.”…

As things are…nobody can even call these liars “liars”, or show why they are malicious liars…without being hurt [potentially destroyed] by doing such.

It’s immoral…because it’s dishonest…and it prevents us from seeing the thing in question, for what it honestly is.

It’s immoral…because a profitable industry has been built upon these malicious practices…an industry which can only be reasonably recognized, as a modern day form of human slavery…and exploitation of humans, as if they are chattel.

It’s immoral…because it’s designed, to prevent any sort of change to the dogmatic ideology it represents.

It’s immoral…because it creates fractured groups of outcasts within society…and prevents them from being able to live in society, or take any meaningful part in society.

It’s immoral…because it is self defeating…and is creating the social ill will, which can only come back around to haunt it’s own people.

It’s immoral…because these practices are not how a healthy, transparent, respectful and just society functions.

Indeed…these practices are preventing us from living in a healthy, transparent, respectful and just society…which is why they are so utterly offensive, and indefensible.