Court says ‘pedophilia does not apply’: because perpetrator is a woman…

Date: October 29, 2018

01) Court says ‘pedophilia does not apply’ — because perpetrator is a woman

Thanks to feinmann0!

“Court says ‘pedophilia does not apply’ because perpetrator is a woman.

A Toronto woman was sentenced to prison for child porn-related offences, but she avoided being classified as a dangerous offender — and her gender played a part in that decision.

Justice Kathleen Caldwell agreed with Dr. Mark Pearce, an expert witness, “that the current research suggests that women do not suffer from paraphilic disorders apart from masochism. This fact lends further weight to the conclusion that pedophilia does not apply to you.”

This is astonishing…

…not that I want anyone who’s sucked the penis of a giggling toddler to be destroyed over it…

…But…she sounds rather pedophilic to me…and I know quite a lot about this topic.

They seem to be denying it, due to it’s relative rarity…and lack of empirical research.

10 thoughts on “Court says ‘pedophilia does not apply’: because perpetrator is a woman…

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Yes, it is.

      I don’t want to see anybody torn apart, over kind activities with a child…

      …But this type of double standard is indefensible.

      It’s a good example, on the shaky, flimflam standards, by which the system subjectively approaches “pedophilia”.

      On the optimistic side…maybe this will eventually translate into some kind of foothold for good change?

      We have a fairly obvious case of pedophilia, which is being called “not pedophilia”…

      …Apparently, because they think it’s “under duress”…

      This opens the door to some creative possibilities.

      1. Kinder

        well spoken, friend…. personally, it’s important to me that I retain my indignation at the hypocrisy.

        It’s been my observation, from laying in the oppressive summer sun on the LBJ freeway stopping traffic wearing a black Silence = Death ACT•UP t-shirt late in the Reagan Administration, to taking part in a mass “Kiss-In Peaceful Protest,” on the front lawn of the Saint Louis Cathedral in the French Quarter back in the late-90s, to Marching on Mall on Washington DC protesting the Defense of Marriage Act… you’ve gotta get angry before you can get anything done.

        If a man wants his right… Fairness? If he wants his human dignity, his self-respect, personal freedom, if he wants equality? THEN HE MUST DO SOMETHING TO EARN IT!! He can’t sit around waiting for social justice to get around to him. He mustn’t sit around, hand held out, politely begging for what’s his…HE MUST STAND UP!!



  1. feinmann0

    “…she sounds rather pedophilic to me…”

    It does seem that those empowered to judge others have become so indoctrinated with the dominant paedo-hysterical narrative that they are no longer able to function objectively – this of course includes judges and court ‘experts’. Part of the reason is the suppression of scientific research that clearly demonstrates the normality of paedosexuality within the human condition. Just look at the number of people incarcerated for possessing and distributing ‘child pornography’ for example, or the blatant sexualising of children within corporate advertising designed to garner interest from potential customers who are instinctively drawn to images of the sexualised child.

    Women are naturally focussed on the welfare of their children, especially babies and toddlers. Most who are attracted to kids know that this was a victimless crime, that in giving pleasure to the child this woman’s behaviour was just a subset of mother-love, and that sexual play between woman and child is way more frequent than society is prepared to admit to. This case exemplifies just how perverted and damaging those in power have become in our so-called Western civilisation.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      “This case exemplifies just how perverted and damaging those in power have become in our so-called Western civilisation.”

      These people who behave like that, are the true sex perverts amongst us…They spend their lives perverting the very concept of sex, till it no longer resembles actual human sexuality…

      …They’ve perverted human sex, to the point it can no longer be…what it naturally is.

      I wrote a post about this exact issue, some time ago…Or, at least I think I wrote it…I was going to…Not sure if I ever posted it…yet….I probably did…but, good luck finding it…I’m sure I must have linked it on my ISD index, if I did publish it…There’s well over 600 posts linked there. 🙂

      The flip side of the coin, to being out here and writing as much as I have over twenty years…is that I have this mass of writing and media content, which is a mountain to organize…and I don’t remember what all I’ve already covered.

      I know that I rehash a lot, because of this.

      Every now and then, I wander through some of my very old archives…from like, ten or more years ago…and I’m floored, at how good some of those pieces were, compared to what I manage to write, today.

      I was at my pinnacle, during those years….Wish I could recapture that lightning.

  2. Yure

    What current research is that? I’m laughing so much right now! Man, the current research and an account on Fur Affinity show that women can be as paraphilic as men. But, hey, good for her. I hope they say the same thing about minor-attracted minors too, because kids can’t be pedophiles either, am I right?

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Technically, you are correct! 🙂

      …Though it still begs the question…what is a pedophile as a child, while they are already sexually yearning for other children?

      …I mean…the “plain vanilla” homosexual kids, are now allowed to openly identify as such…even acknowledge, they’re sexually attracted to other children and teens…potentially adults…

      The fact that they’re not recognized as having a pedophilic orientation, just underscores how debased from reality society is…

      …They call it whatever they want to call it, to make it an easy issue to manipulate.

  3. Christian

    This reminds me of Victorians who persecuted male homosexuality while they ignored female homosexuality. The usual old cliche that men have a strong innate sexuality, while women’s sexuality exists only in response to the man’s sexuality. Women are innocent, they cannot sin, unless forced by men.


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