Redemption Arc For Anti-Vax Dad?…


Date: December 02, 2022

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“Sadly there was no redemption arc for the anti-vax dad who was convinced he would lose his whole family to the vaccine. Even though it’s now very clear we all haven’t disappeared or whatever was supposed to happen, it’s likely that guy is still out there in conspiracy land. It’s genuinely sad.”

I’m still alive, as well.

It is freaky learning just how many people right around me, actually believe something lethal was injected into me, and something about the G5 towers is going to be switched on…and I’m suddenly going to fall over dead…”new world order” and yada yada yada…

There are a lot of people falling for that…It’s legitimately disturbing…

I encountered this literally just the other day…I really didn’t even want to say what I chose to do…because I really did not want to know that, about this specific friend…I’d rather this just did not come up at all…It’s really disappointing.

Thankfully, nobody in my life has been as extreme as “Anti-Vax Dad”…But still…there are a lot of people detached from reality, all around us…They’ve invented this whole warped narrative, to engulf a very imperfect vaccine, in a time of a lethal pandemic…

…They’ve also fraudulently judged those same vaccines on standards, which they were never claimed to meet in the first place.

There’s reasons this is coming primarily out of the religious groups…They’ve been losing their power and stranglehold on the U.S. for several decades…They’re currently thrashing about, grasping at straws to re-establish their own control…And they start by taking over the minds of the gullible, whipping them up into a fury.

They don’t care whether anything they are saying about any of this, is based in reality…Their true goal, is to overthrow the government and install a “christian” theocracy. The dishonest manipulation serves their own agenda…and they are personally at war.

The pandemic, vaccines, G5, lock down…These have all been just another foothold to exploit, right along side the “stolen election” fraud.

I’m the last person to suggest that nothing wrong has happened in all of this…but the people behind this have their own warped, cruel and dangerous agenda…

…And I Am Not with those people…I’m staunchly apposed to those people, who’ve been exploiting all of these issues in that way, to serve their own nefarious agenda.

The U.S. government needs to be radically changed…That is absolutely true…

…But having the current group of insane, cruel shysters deposed by another group of insane, cruel shysters, is no answer at all.

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