Trump Said F The Constitution And People AGREE?!…


Date: January 06, 2023

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“Trump recently said the constitution could be thrown out in extreme cases and whatevr needed to be done to make him president again should be done. You’d expect people to be rightly outraged over this but no. A large minority of people are agreeing. It’s wild.”

We are not “entirely too free” with freedom of speech…In fact, just the opposite is true.

I Wish freedom of speech existed in practice…but it does not…

What Bret is talking about, is a form of terrorism and slander, which is not considered to be a protected form of speech.

The question is…will they find out who is responsible, and prosecute [or at least sue] them for it.

The biggest problem here is lack of will or intent.

If nobody files an official complaint, then those responsible will get away with it…As far as instigators go…if culpability can be proven, then they can be sued…potentially prosecuted, if damages and injuries are serious enough.

These cases are hard to prove, however.


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