Threats to Freedom of Speech: Get Engaged! (THE SAAD TRUTH_501)…

Date: August 29, 2017

01) Threats to Freedom of Speech: Get Engaged! (THE SAAD TRUTH_501)

“I discuss freedom of speech on the Roy Green Show with guest host Andrew Lawton.”

Absolutely correct…

Punishment is coming to you, one way or another…whether you do anything, or not.

For Loving Children, Loving Teens, Child Lovers and Teen Lovers…this is an especially relevant fact.

Once you reach the point that you realize, you’re being force fed a shit sandwich, no matter what…it brings a new perspective to your life…And if you have any human empathy for sexually disenfranchised groups, and the inhumane persecution forced upon them…or any sense of self worth, for that matter…you’re going to be inclined to stand up and say, “Hey!…Stop force feeding me/us shit sandwiches!”…

…You are going to identify the people who are force feeding shit sandwiches to others, and start holding them accountable for this unconscionable behavior.

There’s a lot of people out there who will presume, Kind people have “always eaten shit sandwiches”…therefor, “it is right that they continue to eat shit sandwiches”…

If you are a person of conscience…don’t ever accept that.

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