Sexual Repression: Western Sexual Ethics…


Date: May 10, 2020

01) Accepting the Sexual Self

Personally…having seen and experienced first hand, what sexual repression does to an individual [including children]…I’ve genuinely come to see the culture of voluntary child loving, as a desperately needed, social good…one that has been missing in the human species, for far too long.

What has cropped up in it’s natural place, and absence, is among the deepest of human tragedies.

So much anger and violence comes directly from sexual repression…and this kills people, in numerous ways.

Too many people are blaming the wrong things, for all the ills in this world.

Why cant people just be happy for each other, and leave each other alone, when people are happy among themselves?

It’s always got to be about control…never about trust, acceptance or letting people be free to experience life.

It’s painting people in the worst light possible, instead of allowing them to be the positive beauty they naturally have inside of themselves…That is what “western” sexual ethics are, from my experience…and I see them as primarily wicked…It’s as if they want human consciousness to be hell.

I think that’s why I am so aggressively open minded and liberal about freedom…I cannot take the soul destroying control and intolerance, nor the injuries and suffering they cause, anymore.


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