Tucker: “This is about attacking Christianity”…

Date: May 16, 2022

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“Fox News host reacts to churches being targeted after leaked documents suggest the overturn of Roe v. Wade on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.'”

Christians are left perfectly well alone, when they’re not trying to hostilely force everyone else into submission and conformity to their religious views…

…Coincidence?…I think not.

People tend to get irate, when others attempt making the law of the land “christian”.

The USA Is Not under, nor is it submissive to, christianity…nor islam…nor judaism…nor paganism…nor any other religion…

Religions are allowed to exist under U.S. law…They are legally submissive to U.S. law…

It is expected that they are respectful towards other demographics, including those which do not fall within their own group…This includes other religions, and the non-religious.

When established, powerful religious groups fail to do this, it causes extreme social conflict…such as we are seeing, right now.

See…people know this [overturn of Roe V Wade] and the usurping of the U.S. government from non-christians, has been a long term goal of the religious right…What is happening right now is what they have constructed…They’re attempting a hostile takeover of the USA…

…And we are not going to allow this.

No, Tucker…christians are not the victims here…It’s laughable you’d suggest such blatant nonsense, given organized christianities political and cultural power…and the fact that they’re rarely held accountable for a single fucking thing, in their gorcery list of repugnant abuses.

…Christians have been spending decades attacking, impoverishing, injuring and holding down entirely to many of the rest of us, who are forced to share this country with them.

What you see today, is the uprising of the abused and disenfranchised…

…It’s lots of people who aren’t going to stand for christian arrogance and bullshit anymore.

For as much damage as it has done…it’s high time christianity finally got knocked off of it’s pedestal.

It is time for something entirely different, within the USA…It is time for the USA to actually Be Free!

People should not be destroying property or assaulting others…but I tell you what…If organized christianity wont stay out of non-christians personal lives…then they have no right to expect that the people they’ve shat on, wont come around and show up in their personal lives.

…You fuck with other groups…you get fucked with, right back.

I’m glad to see this push back…and I hope the the full political collapse of organized christianity [or any other hostile religion] in the USA, is soon to follow.

I support all religions being politically neutered.


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