EA Adds Incest to Sims 4… at the Same Time as the Chris Chan Hearing…


Date: August 04, 2022

01) LINK

“Feature or bug? EA accidentally added incest to The Sims 4 via a new update, and Twitter can’t help but notice that it coincides with Chris Chan’s hearing. Oh boy. The bug also ages children more quickly… children you can date. OH BOY. EA is supposed aware and fixing it…”

The High School expansion pack messed things up really bad…Though, I find the unintentional incest addition to be absolutely hysterical.

…They should keep that!

Not sure if they had to make a patch for the base game, to make comparability with the new EP, and that messed up everybodies game…or if it’s just people with the HS EP who are having this problem.

I own a copy of Sims 4…along with two or three EPs [all purchased on deep sale…I wont reward EA, for being what it currently is]…Maybe I’ll eventually make and share some videos of it…but I’m not going all in with Sims 4, like I did with Sims 2 and 3.

…Speaking of which…I probably wont even bother with Sims 3, because it’s such an insane resource hog, that’s constantly hanging…but I might eventually make some Sims 2 vids…provided I have it all installed on a PC I can still get logged into…I think I do. No promises…Probably most people don’t care, anyway.


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