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Primitive Technology Guy – Finding Giant Rat Holes and Eat Rats…

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Date: May 09, 2019

01) Primitive Technology Guy – Finding Giant Rat Holes and Eat Rats

Warning: Very Graphic

“The two guys were using primitive technology seeking for rats in the holes to eat. In this video, you will watch them digging rat holes and cook them to eat.It looks like wilderness technology or primitive wildlife.”

Nature is quite the economical grocery store…

…But shouldn’t he be wearing gloves, so he cant get bit?

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EQ Review 03 – Taking Off the Gloves…


Date: May 09, 2019

01) EQ Review 03 – Taking Off the Gloves

This is the last episode of The EQ Review I will be returning to the internet.

It’s bad enough not having the video this was responding to, to link to for context…But, I feel this was probably the single most relevant EQ Review published.

It touches on Perverted Justice, and the fraudulent, illegal “sex offender” register they put together, for the explicit purpose of harassing members of BoyChat, and various MAPs in the blogosphere.

I get a bit sharp tongued, and really speak my mind in this one.

This got published in the year following the loss of my blog, which they had a hand in…So, this was very much personal…very much raw…and I expressed things in ways, I’d likely not do so today..

If I were making this video today…I might still call them assholes…but I’d omit calling them human trash.

In response to the abuses and trespasses they committed against me [and numerous other MAPs]…it’s understandable why I have nothing nice to say about these people.

Sometimes…I’ve read some of my oldest surviving writings…and it even shocked me, how aggressive and emotional some of them got.

I don’t have a whole lot of recollection of myself being like that…But, exchanges and responses could get heated sometimes.

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